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The Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator Mark II is an advanced educational robotics platform capable of performing tasks such as playing pianos, watering plants, delivering coffee, and most importantly, teaching and inspiring students.


Robotics is great because it is a direct application to all aspects of STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and they have an unparalleled ability to teach and inspire students. However, past approaches to high school robotics are either too expensive for most middle and high schools, or are simply too small to create lasting and meaningful experiences for students. Our advanced educational robotics platform, the Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator Mark II, combines the best of both worlds in new and exciting ways. Specifically, the Mark II is a human-size robot capable of performing an infinite variety of tasks, such as cleaning rooms, watering plants, lightsaber dueling, making meals and more. Robotics is still a pioneering industry, and with our cost-effective platform, high school students will be able participate in the same level of robotics research we do at top-tier universities. This is valuable because intelligent automation is going to change the world in ways unimaginable and we want everyone to be a part of it.



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